The Blue Green World Application

The BGW Network is an ecosystem of discovery and value exchange of ecological assets.

National asset owners list their assets and CO2 sequestration capabilities and issue future claims on their yield. They use the investment proceeds to enhance the yield of the asset.

Investors and producers of CO2 can buy those futures for capital appreciation when the asset yields increase or exchange them for the tokens representing the CO2 sequestration for offset against their CO2 production.

How it all pieces together


Tokens on the network represent fungible value. This can be in the form of currency, commodity futures or CO2 capture and sequestration.


Blue Green World, the network operator issues ECO tokens which are required by users to access the network services.


Natural asset owners issue tokens representing future claims on the CO2 sequestration potential of their natural assets.

Because the issued amount is fixed and the conversion ratio is a function of the actual yield of the asset, investors should produce capital gains as the asset yield increases towards its maximum potential.

Futures can trade on liquid digital exchanges as well as the BGW Network, connected by a bridge.

When futures are exchanged for sequestration tokens, the futures are burnt so they cannot be reused.

CO2 Sequestration

The asset itself also exists on the network and issues tokens daily that represent the volume of CO2 that it captures and sequesters.

When sequestration tokens are burnt by the holder, this represents a CO2 certification of offset.

Sequestration tokens can trade too, at the prevailing spot price for CO2 credits.

Natural Assets

Information about the natural assets is also published on the network, including current yield so that investors can make prices accordingly.

Can you put a price
on the environment?

Ralph Chami, BGW Advisor