About Blue Green World

Blue Green World values the services of living natural assets to develop nature-based markets that fund the regeneration and stewardship of the natural world.

The new financial markets made available by BGW's innovation allow countries, companies, and individuals to take actions to address climate change, biodiversity loss and to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

"A sustainable future needs a new nature-based economic paradigm". Ralph Chami

Living natural assets have a significant monetary value...

Seagrass, mangroves, saltmarsh, peatlands, elephants and whales all deliver ecosystem services vital to our future survival.

Global commitments to reduce carbon and preserve nature has created a DEMAND for these nature services.

By keeping these natural resources protected, healthy and growing, countries can SUPPLY ecosystem services and gain a new source of wealth and wellbeing.

A new nature-based economy to restore our planet is here.

We cannot solve climate change without nature.

Nature is the most proven and safest technology we have.

We create new markets that harness the power of nature to reduce climate change risk while also restoring our natural world.

Global challenges need financial innovation

The dual risks of climate change and biodiversity loss pose existential threats to our future.

Yet a massive financing gap into nature-based solutions remains. Up to $4.1 trillion is required by 2030, and $8.1 trillion by 2050.

Blue Green World brings innovative financial market opportunities to help close that gap.

Countries, Companies, Communities and NATURE

We at Blue Green World believe our nature-based financial offering is one where all can win!


Developing Nature-Based Economies

We guide countries in their transition to nature-positive and climate resilient economies by embedding natural capital into their macroeconomic model and providing capacity development.
- New wealth on balance sheet
- Fiscal savings
- Increased tax base
- Diversified economy
- Sustainable investment in vibrant nature improves health and well-being
- Sustainable and inclusive economic development

Private Natural Asset Owners

Developing Sustainable Private Lands

We calculate the valuation of assets in order to preserve and restore lands that are unused, in decline, or degraded. Based on the valuation, we can develop carbon plus certificates to offer on the exchange.
- Sustainable income for the regenerative use of lands
- Diversified cash flows
- Sustainable investment in vibrant nature improves health and well-being

Examples of BGW Network Members:
Wardhill Castle    https://www.wardhillcastle.co.uk
Cabilla Cornwall    https://www.cabillacornwall.com

Institutional Buyers

Carbon Plus Certificates

We create and sell carbon plus certificates, available on a tradable digital exchange, based on carbon capture and other valuable ecosystem services of the natural asset.
Benefits of investing in carbon-plus certificates
- Reduce carbon footprint
- Build a diversified portfolio of natural assets
- Improve/meet ESG ratings
- Contribute to SDGs: 1, 8, 10, 13-15

Communities & Nature

Conservation Endowment Funds

We establish conservation endowment funds where the proceeds from sale of carbon certificates are directed to ensure transparent and reliable payments for the stewardship of the natural assets in perpetuity.
- Sustainable income.
- Compensation for livelihood transitions
- Long-term sustainable employment in rural areas
- Through prosperity, stability is created
- Reduced migration
- Reduced poverty

Research Article

Value wild animals’ carbon services to fill the biodiversity financing gap

Nature Climate Change (2022)

Fabio Berzaghi, Thomas Cosimano, Connel Fullenkamp, John Scanlon, Tata Elvis Fon, Michele Tunga Robson, Justice Leslie Forbang & Ralph Chami

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Co-founded by our world-class team

Ralph Chami PHD   (Advisor)

Ralph is a financial economist, professor, and policy expert with 23 years at the IMF leading work on fragile and low income states, providing capacity development, and working on financial market development including markets for natural capital.

Nick Andrews

Nick's 35 year career in the financial services sector has included being on the Board of a large multi-disciplined securities broker/dealer, head of credit at the UK subsidiary of Japanese securities house and many years in senior credit and compliance roles.

Mark Abbott

Mark's 25+ years as an insurance broker led to exiting his own brokerage in 2015. Mark has since co-founded two technology companies, heading-up investor and client relations, business development and partner relationships.

Serge Cantacuzène

Forged during his childhood in Africa, Serge’s affinity for nature was greatly augmented while working on national sustainability projects with a colleague who was a highly respected former head of UNDP CADRI.

Thomas Cosimano PHD

Tom is Professor Emeritus, University of Notre Dame, in Finance and Economics, with extensive research on how models of the financial markets can be solved using computational and mathematical methods.

Connel Fullenkamp PHD

Connel is a Professor of Economics and Finance, Policy Expert and Teacher with expertise in financial market development and regulation. A main focus is creating markets for natural capital.

Dinah Nieburg PHD

Dinah is a nature advocate, executive coach and psychologist with 30 years working with leaders in international financial institutions, the UN and NGOs, and 10 years protecting endangered species including elephants & whales.

Michele Robson

Senior business development leader experienced in Ecosystem conservation, capacity development and sovereign level relations. Michele sees BGW influencing the recovery of both nature and economies hand in hand.

Joel Smalley

Joel has 30 years of experience in capital markets trading & risk management, specialising in quantitative analytics of cross-asset class derivatives. He has spent the last 10 years in fintech and blockchain technology.

Can you put a price
on the environment?

Ralph Chami, BGW Advisor